Leds do.it

Leds do.it project by Dream neon

Dream Neon & SOMA studio team up to conceive LEDS DO.IT

Together they’ve imagined their first exhibition for the Milan Design Week 2022, in association with Isola Design District.

LEDS DO.IT brings together 07 creators – designers, makers, and artists who give Dream Neon’s neon signs and installation waste a second life.

Each creator explores different themes central to the role of light and the beauty that lies in waste. Together they present new solutions to divert silicone and electronic surplus from landfills, turning this toxic debris into imperfect beauty, and give a new sense to light.


For press kit and informations about the LEDS DO IT project, please contact us via E-mail.

You can also ask for neon led wastes kit, we’ll be pleased to send you a boxe containing functioning and non functioning neon led parts, as used for the projects seen before.

We always are looking for new collaborations.

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